Why do people buy lock nuts?

An online ad for a “lock nut” has been going around for more than a year, and now, a couple of nut manufacturers are getting in on the action.

The ad, by Lock Nut, asks people to “share your nut story” by telling their own stories.

It’s part of a wider campaign by Locknut to “make nuts more accessible” and to “give the public more options.”

According to Lock Nut’s website, the “locknut” is “a unique, high-quality nut that is a staple in your home.”

“With the advent of nut stores and online retailers, people are looking for nut gift baskets that are truly unique,” the company wrote in an ad.

“We’re here to help you find a nut you’ll love and that is worth sharing with others.

We hope you’ll give us a try and tell your nut tale.”

But while Lock Nut and the other nut manufacturers say they are “interested” in getting in the nut game, they’re not exactly saying they’re in the nuts business.

“This is just an ad,” Lock Nut told CBC News.

“There’s nothing that’s happening right now.”

The ad has since been pulled.

According to the ad’s description, “you’ll be amazed at the unique and unique look and feel of our lock nuts.”

In the ad, a man is seen with a “noodle” of nut and an assortment of nuts.

He is then shown picking nuts up with his teeth, while his wife asks “how you like them?”

The couple then picks up a nut and shows the man a photo of a nut that has a seal, which Lock Nut says is a sign of the nut’s “genuineness.”

The man then picks the nut up and shows Lock Nut what it looks like, including the “unique look and shape of our nut,” Locknut said.

“You can see that the nut has the seal of the nuts’ originator, the nut is unique, and the nut itself has a high degree of nut quality,” Lock Nuts’ marketing director, Nick Smith, told CBC.

“If you’re buying a nut from Lock Nutter or a lock nut company, we think it’s a good idea to share your nut tales, to give the public a better understanding of what a nut is and what it’s really meant to be.”

But Lock Nut is not the only nut company offering nuts in a unique way.

Last month, a video was posted to YouTube that showed people picking nuts from a lock and putting them in their mouths.

The video features a young couple with a picker and a young woman who’s holding a nut in her mouth.

“She has this very cute baby and she’s chewing it on the handle of the picker, but you can see the little seed-shaped seeds,” the woman said.

In a statement to CBC News, Lock Nut said the video was “a mock ad, not an actual nut company.”

Lock NUT has also had a pop-up shop in its shop, and it’s been selling nut-related products for years, including nut bags, nuts and other nut products.

“It’s been a fun and engaging way for us to introduce nut to the broader public,” Smith told CBC, “and for people to try out our nut and see how it feels.”

He said Lock Nutt was “trying to make a nut out of nothing” when it was founded in 1989.

The nut industry is big business in Canada.

According in the Canadian Nut Index 2016, there are about 2.7 million nuts in Canada, or 1 per cent of the total nut supply.

About 75 per cent are sold in grocery stores, and 25 per cent in drugstores, according to the National Nut Alliance.

According the NNA, nut companies employ some of the highest-paid workers in the country.

There are currently about 1,300 nut companies in Canada — the vast majority in the oilpatch, according the NCA.

The average nut worker earns $27.85 per hour, and some workers earn $50 to $75 per hour.

The NNA says about 10 per cent workers earn more than $150,000 annually.

The industry employs some of Canada’s top-paid politicians and has an active lobbying group.

“The nuts industry is a major player in the energy and natural resources sector in Canada,” said Michael DeGroote, president of the Canadian Natural Resources Council.

“In terms of its economic importance, it’s important to keep in mind that it is a very large and highly skilled industry.”

DeGroove said the NNC had no comment on the Lock Nut ad.

The Lock Nudge campaign started in May, with the goal of getting people to share their nut stories.

“People have been wanting to share stories of nut-dipping and other nuts and nut related experiences with us for a long time,” Locknuts marketing director Nick Smith told the

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