How nutsy and nuts are linked to autism spectrum disorder (and more)

The connection between autism spectrum disorders and nut allergies may be well established, but it’s not yet clear if it’s due to genes or environmental factors.

The research is published in the journal Nature Genetics.

Nut allergy Researchers are studying a group of children and adolescents from Melbourne and Melbourne suburbs who had nut allergies.

It is thought that a group who were more sensitive to peanuts than other children and who ate nut-containing foods were more likely to have autism.

The study involved a random sample of 40 people who were aged 13-19 at the time of recruitment.

They were followed for six months, with their children and grandchildren interviewed.

The researchers found that children who had peanut allergies had a three-fold higher risk of developing autism than those who had no allergies.

They also found that autism prevalence among those who were diagnosed with autism was more than five times higher among those with peanut allergy.

These findings are in line with other studies that have linked autism to allergies.

The most common symptoms of autism include: hyperactivity and impulsivity

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