What you need to know about the nut industry

A nut industry has been booming since the 1970s and now, there are nearly 1,400 farms with more than a billion pounds of nuts on the Australian market, according to a recent survey.

It comes as the Government and some major food companies have been struggling to deal with a rapidly increasing demand for nut-based products.

The industry has become so popular in recent years that even the government has become involved.

Last year, the government’s Agricultural Marketing and Trading Department estimated there were more than 20 million tonnes of nuts in Australia.

But it is the nut sector that has seen the biggest growth in the past decade.

The most important nut growers are in NSW, with the largest number of growers per capita in Queensland, with a total of more than 10 million tonnes.

It is the industry’s main source of income, with more growers than any other sector contributing more than half the total market.

The government’s role in the nut market is relatively small, with most of the work going to growers in the state’s eastern and southern states.

The Government is funding an annual Nutland Market Survey to help identify the most important growers.

It also provides incentives to encourage more farmers to participate.

“We have a lot of good things about the industry,” Agriculture Minister Stephen Conroy said.

“It’s growing.

It’s growing quickly.

It has a really strong and strong consumer base.

There’s no doubt in my mind there are more nut growers than ever before.”

He says that because the market is so well established, there’s a lot more information out there than ever.

“The more we can do to help growers get their nuts in front of their consumers the more we’re going to get a better market for our consumers,” he said.

The Australian Government has made a commitment to encourage the industry to grow and grow, with Mr Conroy saying that he is confident that nut growers will be successful.

“This industry is going to grow, it’s growing fast and it will continue to grow,” he added.

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