Squirrel nut, nut trees and nuts to visit on a honeymoon

The bush is a popular destination for tourists in the northern Territory.

But many locals have a problem with the growing number of nut trees in their yards.

In recent years, hundreds of nut and nut tree species have been planted in the area, including some in a patch of bush called the Hickory Nut Patch.

While some nut trees are popular with locals, others have caused widespread harm to the environment.

A lot of the trees have been uprooted to make way for almond groves and other almond grove farms, which have resulted in massive environmental damage.

“It’s really sad.

There’s been a lot of bush damage in the last few years.

It’s sad that we’ve seen a lot,” resident Margaret Jones said.

The Hickory nut patch has grown so much that a patch on the north-east edge of the reserve has now grown to include a dozen large trees.

When Ms Jones first visited the area in 2011, she said she didn’t realise there were so many trees in the bush.

“[There were] quite a few nuts and nut trees that you could see,” she said.

“But it was pretty scary.

We were so used to seeing them on the highway and they were just sitting there.

Now it’s quite a big problem.

You just don’t know what’s coming in, and we’re losing a lot more.”

She said the trees were causing damage to the surrounding land and had caused problems for other local people.

Ms Jones said she was concerned about the effect on other animals, including the possum and possum-billed koala.

Her family has been growing nuts for over 70 years.

“We’re all nuts and nuts,” she told the ABC.

For many locals, nut and nuts trees are the best source of food.

Many residents have had to stop using their lawns as the nut trees have caused so much damage.

Ms Jones says there are many people in her community who would not want to have to use their lawn because of the nut and bush damage.

“It can be really challenging to find a space that’s clean,” she added.

Hickory Nut patch: The north-eastern edge of Darwin National Park The north-western edge of this popular holiday destination has been in the spotlight for some time.

Last year, an estimated 500 trees were uprooted and replaced with almond grooves, while a large area of bush was cleared.

More than 200 acres of land was cleared to make room for almond farms.

There are now just two trees left on the entire area, which has caused some serious ecological damage.

The area is also home to several native species, including woodcock and pheasant.

Local farmers say they are frustrated with the loss of the native trees and they hope the new trees will help them to keep their small farmers market going.

Mr Jones said they were hopeful that the new nut trees would help the area grow more food.

“Hopefully it will help us grow our food again,” he said.

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