Why do you think Trump’s team is so obsessed with the “nut”

The president’s team has spent weeks and weeks obsessing over “nutty” comments made by one of his senior aides.

The White House and the National Security Council have been inundated with angry emails and tweets about the remark, which some of Trump’s closest advisers have said was racist.

Trump has not commented on the comment, which was made by Stephen Miller, the deputy national security adviser, during a February interview with The New York Times.

He defended his comments on Friday, saying he would never use such a term.

But his defenders were quick to point out that he is an African-American who has been criticized for not always following the facts, and that the comment was made during a White House event to announce an overhaul of the White House communications shop.

The Washington Post’s David Fahrenthold, writing for the Washington Examiner, noted that Miller said he was talking about “race, ethnicity and the American condition.”

“I am not saying that it was racist or hateful,” Miller said.

“I was just saying something about race, ethnicity, and the way that people are being treated in this country,” Miller added, according to the Washington Post.

“There is no such thing as a racist comment.

We’re living in the 21st century.

We’ve come a long way.”

Miller, a former chief of staff for Trump, has come under fire for not following the advice of the national security team.

He has faced backlash for his response to a tweet from Trump about a protester being arrested for assaulting a reporter.

In that tweet, Trump said that protesters at the Republican National Convention were “somebody that was thrown out, they’re a group that’s been protesting for a long time.

They’re a bunch of losers.”

Miller later said he had not meant to use that term, and he has said he is proud of his words.

Fahrenths claims that the remark is part of a larger pattern of missteps by Miller.

He said that the White Space Policy, which the Trump administration implemented this year to curb travel and security concerns during the transition period, “does not require any comment.”

The policy states that “a person who is not on the travel list or is not a visa holder can travel to the United States without a visa, provided that he or she does not have an existing travel ban or other restrictions.”

Fahrenhold noted that while Trump’s advisers are busy making up their minds about who will succeed him as president, Miller is working on a White Space policy.

“This is a huge difference between him and his team,” Fahrenthy said.

The Post’s Fahrenthal noted that “Miller is in the process of trying to roll back his policy on travelers from certain countries who are suspected of terrorism, or who are in any way hostile to the U.S. or allied with radical Islamic groups.”

The paper noted that some of Miller’s most vocal supporters on the national Security Council, including the president himself, are also on the advisory council.

In a statement, the council said it has “reached out to Mr. Miller to discuss his comments and we look forward to working with him to make our policy more consistent and sensible.”

Miller’s comments about black people and the African-Americans he encountered during his time in the White Senate also have drawn criticism.

Miller told the Times that he believes it is a racial stereotype that African Americans have an inferiority complex.

He added that the “black community is an incredibly complicated and powerful group of people.”

Miller also said that he “does understand that black people have a very high degree of privilege,” and said that it is important for the president to acknowledge that.

“What I said was, I think it’s really important that I be heard,” Miller told The Times.

“It’s not about race.

It’s not that we are not all equal.

But what I said is, you know, there are some people who are born into certain things.

It is an issue of privilege, but it’s not an issue about race.”

“It does come down to a question of who is in charge, who is going to enforce that law, who’s going to be the judge and jury, and what kind of justice are we going to get out of it?”

FahrenThold asked.

“That’s the real question.”

Miller told CNN that he did not mean to use the word “black” to describe African Americans, and said his comments were taken out of context.

“Obviously, it’s a racially charged term,” Miller responded.

“But I didn’t intend to use it in that way.

I just made a mistake.”

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