Nut roast in New Zealand to be replaced by the world’s first nut job: News

Nut roast will be replaced with the world ‘first nut job’ in New Zeland article Nut Roast, a national dish of Australia, New Zealand and Australia that originated in New South Wales, will be cooked up in the Australian city of Hobart to be taken to the US for the first time in 2021, the company said. 

The new ‘nut job’ will be a national food staple for the state of New Zealand, where the national Nutroast Day will be celebrated in 2021.

The company said it was working closely with the Australian and New Zealand governments to ensure Nut Roasts were safe to eat and had no nutritional value. 

“As we continue to work to promote Nut Roasted in New Jersey, we are pleased to announce that Nut Roasting has secured a Nut Roasters facility in Hobart and that Nut roast is now available to eat in New York City,” Nut Roaster’s chief executive Peter Deggins said.

“We are thrilled to be bringing Nut Roastery to Hobart in 2021 and to be part of the Nut Roost community for Nut Roamers New Year’s Eve celebration,” he added.

“This Nut Roamer experience will bring the best of Nut Roaming and its history to New Zealanders.” 

The Nut Roar is a dish made of nut butters, nuts and dried fruits, typically made with milk, butter and eggs.

The company also announced a new Nut Rooster, a large Nut Rooth that will be offered at the Nutroaster and Nut Roommates restaurants from January to October 2021.

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