How to get rid of your peanut allergies: Grapes, peanuts and other nuts shortage

With a shortage of peanut butter in the U.S., the question of which nuts to buy for your peanut allergy is becoming more difficult.

“It’s just a matter of figuring out which nuts you can’t get anymore,” said Dr. Karen Tishman, an allergy doctor at the University of Alberta in Edmonton.

A shortage of nuts, however, is not the only problem.

Nut prices are also soaring, and many people don’t know they have nut allergies, she said.

Some of the products people buy in the supermarket are made from genetically modified peanuts, and some may contain hormones or pesticides that can make your body react to them, said Tishmann.

Another problem is the food’s packaging.

Products are often wrapped in an “off-brand” label that can cause confusion for people who are not allergic, she added.

Many of the nut-based foods you buy are sold in grocery stores and other convenience stores, and you are not guaranteed the quality, Tishmans advice said.

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