‘Faking It’ with a New Season: Watch the New Season of ‘Faktacular’ on MTV News!

MTV News is excited to announce that we’re excited to bring you the new season of the Faktastic show, which is back for a second season.

You’ll see a ton of new twists and turns in season two, including a brand new character that was teased back in September, and even a brand-new villain who will be a mainstay of season two.

Here’s what you need to know about the brand-fresh season of Fakts:It’s all about the Nut Shoppe.

In this season, it’s all a nut, including the brand new “Fak-tacular,” which features a new cast of nutty characters that include a girl named “Fake,” a boy named “The Man,” and a baby named “Baby Nut.”

And you’ll also get to play with a brand of nuts that was originally created by a former Fak-Tacular contestant who died of cancer in a horrific fashion in the season two premiere.

In addition, there will be two new villains.

We’ll talk about them soon.

And you can’t beat this season’s return to the Nut Shack.

Season two will feature a brand that is as iconic as it is dangerous: the Faker.

This new villain is the mastermind behind all of the mayhem that takes place at the Nut Hut.

The villain also has an entire crew of nut-hungry minions and a whole new way to make a fortune with their nefarious plans.

The new season will introduce the Faka, who is the first member of the “Faking it” gang.

In addition to the new Fak, the show also introduces a brand named “Mushroom” that’s a combination of a Nut Shaker and a mushroom.

The character is a new addition to Fak’s team.

“The Mummy” will be introduced in the second season and will make an appearance in the finale.

But this new villain won’t be able to stay at the bottom of the totem pole.

The Fak team has a new ally in the form of the Nut Faker, a former Nut Shaper named “Cookie.”

We’ll be introducing him in season three.

Cookie is the new leader of the team.

Cookie is an adorable little Nut Shaped guy with a huge mouth and a huge heart.

He’s also got the power to turn the tables on Fak and his nut-loving minions.

Cookie has a unique ability that makes him a master manipulator, and Cookie is even able to turn some Nut Shapes into a Nut Fae.

Cookie will be joined by his loyal assistant, Cookie Girl, who has the ability to turn a nut into a nut.

And we’ll be seeing the return of a brand with a history in the Faking It brand: the Nut Muffler.

The Mufflers will also be a new character.

We’re excited for fans of the show to see the Nut Tenderness and Fakshark, who have always been a part of Faking it.

And even more exciting is the Nut Racist, who will have a new look in season four.

The Nut Racists have been a fan favorite on the show for decades.

We know how passionate fans of Faks love to get into the nuttiest fights, so we’re thrilled to introduce a brand who will take it to a new level in season five.

The Racist will be brought back to life by an all-new voice actor, who plays the Nut Race Racist.

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