‘Bachelor’ alum, who has been working on film, TV and a reality show, returns to television with her new TV show, ‘Rise of the Baby Nut.’

Coming back to television is nothing new to actress-comedian Emily O’Neil.

Last year, she signed on for the second season of her Netflix series ‘The Biggest Loser,’ which followed the life of a young woman in a New York City public housing project.

The show had a strong fan base, which O’Neill said helped her get noticed on the big screen, and she recently made her TV debut on ABC’s The Middle.

While working on the series, O’Neills co-star Emily Bazelon said O’Brien was an inspiration.

“When we first met her, she was very sweet, and so I think we kind of connected as a couple,” Bazelons said.

“I think she was really excited for us to go back to the show.

She really understood the process.

She wanted to make us happy.

And then she was like, ‘You know what?

O’Brien recently wrapped filming her new sitcom, ‘The Nutty Show,’ on Netflix, which is set to premiere in the fall.