Watch: A gorilla lug nuts allergic reaction

A new report has shown that some of the nuts used in some of our favourite household brands contain peanuts.

While a growing number of consumers are starting to find that nuts have allergy symptoms, there’s a growing concern that some nuts may be unsafe for those with nut allergies.

According to a study published in the journal Scientific Reports, the allergens found in nuts, as well as those found in other nuts, can trigger reactions such as anaphylaxis.

The study was led by Dr Alex Tamburini, from the University of Cambridge, and colleagues.

They looked at nut allergies in 30 people with nut allergy and found that nut allergy symptoms included anaphysiase (a severe allergic reaction), sneezing and an increased risk of developing a severe allergic response.

There are also more than 60 known allergens that can trigger allergic reactions in people with allergies.

“The risk of allergy is higher when there are more of these allergens,” Dr Tamburlini said.

“For example, people with hay fever, for example, may react to hay when exposed to hay pollen.

So, for these people, if there’s more of an allergy, there will be more of a risk of reaction.”

The researchers also looked at the role of nuts in the body, including in the development of allergic diseases.

They found that those with allergy to nuts were more likely to develop an allergic reaction to hay than non-allergic people.

“This is not a surprise because nuts contain a lot of nuts, but this is probably because people who have nut allergies are more likely than nonallergic ones to have hay allergies,” Dr Matt Piggott, a professor of nutritional medicine at the University, said.

The findings suggest that nut allergies can be a contributing factor to the development and severity of allergies in people, rather than a purely random event, Dr Piggot said.

Dr Piggoth added that while nut allergies might be rare, they are very real and there are some cases where nut allergy is the primary cause of a reaction.

“It’s a risk that people with a nut allergy have to be aware of,” he said.