How to roast a nut,and get it all toasted!

A nut roast takes a long time to finish, so make sure you’re ready to do it right.

Here’s how to get the best of both worlds: roast an entire tree,then toast it with some nuts,so that the nuts are soft and golden.

You’ll need to do this in a large oven and put a big pot on the stovetop to toast them.

Once they’re soft, you’ll want to spread the nuts all over the top of the pot,so they can toast in all directions.

Once the nuts toast, they’ll be done.

It’s best to do a good job, but if you don’t, they will start to brown and fall apart in your mouth.

You can also make a nut roast with a bag of nuts and toast in a small pot and put it in a big oven.

It will cook faster, but it’s going to be a little harder to make sure the nuts have cooked evenly.