Are you sick of seeing the same ol’ ‘nut’ in all the nut-related products?

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article The first major shake-up to the Nutella family came last year with the introduction of the super-lush Nutella Loves Me Loves You.

The chocolate-flavored, nut-flavoured product debuted in the U.S. in April.

But that was just the first of the changes to the popular dessert line.

Now, a new, improved version of Nutella is on the way.

This time around, the brand is changing its name from the popular Nutella Chocolate Loves Us, and the flavors will be much healthier.

Nutella’s newest version is Nutella Light, which has a new flavor profile, lighter weight and more chocolate.

The new Nutella light version will be available starting April 10.

It comes in six flavors: Dark Chocolate, Hazelnut, Dark Chocolate with Cocoa Nibs, Dark Cocoa, Hazelnuts and Chocolate Lips.

The lighter weight version will cost $1.49 and will be the “next wave” of the line.

It also includes the Light Chocolate, Dark Hazelnut and Dark Cocoba flavors.

The Nutella lighter weight will have more hazelnuts, but the dark hazelnut will be missing.

Nutellas most recent update comes on the heels of the release of the new Super Nutella flavor, which features dark chocolate and hazel nuts.

The brand is also introducing a new version of its popular Nutelli cookies.

The first new cookies were released in August.

All versions will feature hazel, chocolate, coconut and dark chocolate flavors.

Nutelli also announced plans to create a new line of Nutellas new “light” Nutella flavors, which will feature a chocolate flavor, hazel nut and a hazel cookie.

The new Nutelles Light Chocolate and Hazelnut flavors are currently available for purchase at retailers like Walmart, Target and Target Plus.

The Super Nutellis Light chocolate will be on sale in April at Walmart, the Super Nutelli Hazelnut flavor will be in stores beginning April 11.