Apple’s Health Nut Menu Is Just for Kids

Apple’s health nut menu is not only for kids, it’s also for everyone who needs it, the company said.

The company’s new line of health nuts includes two kinds of “healthy nuts,” apple slices and applesauce, as well as a variety of nuts and seeds.

Apple also announced plans to launch a healthier version of its MacOS 10 operating system, called MacOS X El Capitan.

The MacOS 11 release of Apple’s flagship operating system is due in December, and the new line will offer new Macs, tablets, and laptops with the latest features and improvements.

Apple’s MacOS El Capitans include a redesigned, sleeker and sleeker MacOS, a new desktop and an upgraded version of the iPhone.

Apple has been on a roll with new OS releases in recent years, announcing two new versions of iOS every six months, two new iPads every two weeks, and a new Mac Pro every three months.

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